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Lipo Therm 100 Review

Lipo Therm 100 claims to provide all key areas of weight loss such as better appetite control, breakdown of fats and many others.

Other supplements in the market such as Tropical Oasis, Ripped Juice EX2, Lean EFX Refined, or Alphabuterol Extreme, all claims to have powerful slimming properties.

So how does Lipo Therm 100 compare with all those thermogenic pills in the market? Read on and see if this product can truly deliver results for you.

What is Lipo Therm 100?

This product is owned and marketed by a company called Quantum Wellness, the same manufacturer that gave you Reguva Digest, a detox slimming brand.

Here are the health claims for this supplement:

  • Burns fat
  • Appetite control
  • Supports healthy weight management

This extra strength formula is basically based on a single slimming agent – capsaicin, which is a potent chemical from red pepper extract (capsicum).

As you know, capsicum is used widely by most dieters and supplement manufacturers as a fat burner due to its alleged thermogenic properties.

Quantum Wellness offer this extract for a claimed 300,000 heat units, which the company said to be a powerful but a healthy way of weight management.

Of course, this due to the fact that peppers do have spicy hot flavors.

This brand also has high price tag of $39.95, which compared to other capsicum-based supplements are considered expensive.

However, Quantum Wellness do accept returns for all of their packages so your health investment is quite secure.

But is this brand truly plausible for your weight loss program? Read on to find out more.

Lipo Therm 100 Ingredients

As you are expecting already, this product doesn’t have complicated formula that is packed with dozens of slimming herbs and chemicals, but only 100mg per serving of pure capsimax (capsicum extract).

No other supporting ingredients are used for this diet pill.

Inactive agents include rice flour, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sucrose, and food glaze

lipo therm 100 ingredients

So Can Lipo Therm 100 Help You Lose Weight?

This brand works by utilizing its single agent formula. So, will capsicum deliver significant weight loss for you?

Capsicum has been in the spotlight for years and has been marketed as a powerful thermogenic agent or fat burner by some dieters.

Most supplement manufacturers use capsicum either as their main agent (like Lipo Therm 100) or as a supporting ingredient such as brands like DropsDiet, Active T5 Plus, Tone Complex and Capsilean.

But can capsicum truly plausible for weight loss? Lets dig deep into this and see if this herb can help you lose weight.

Capsicum Weight Loss Properties

Before we go into this herb’s slimming properties, let me tell you first other interesting health benefits of taking capsicum.

Capsicum offers anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhoid (yes that’s right!), and a potent antioxidant herbal agent. Nutrients found in capsicum include vitamins A, C, E and B complex, capsaicin, coumarin, proteins, fats and carotenoids.

As such, capsicum can help lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels, prevents infectious diseases, good for the heart, boosts immune system, lowers blood sugar levels, improves digestion and many others.

How about weight loss?

Well people use this herb for fat loss as they believe that it help boost metabolism and triggers thermogenesis. But capsicum is highly marketed as a fat burner.

According to experts from NCBI, they concluded that this herb does facilitates weight loss by stimulating fat metabolism, energy expenditure and thermgenesis (fat breakdown).

They also added that consumption of chili can help accelerate weight loss through dietary modifications. Meaning that you also have to change or improve your diet in order to lose significant weight.

What’s Our Take on Lipo Therm 100?

Based on the facts above, we believe that this supplement can give some measures of weight loss for you, particularly with regards to energy and metabolism increase.

Capsicum is moderately proven for weight loss though you still have to follow a sensible diet and regular exercise program.

Plus, Lipo Therm 100 may also help promote other essential health benefits that I mentioned above.

lipo therm 100 diet supplement

Is Lipo Therm 100 Safe?

Lipo Therm 100 is likely safe to most adult dieters and athletes who want to lose weight fast. But like other supplements, you still have to consume this brand moderately as chili peppers may also cause mild adverse effects.

Good thing about this supplement is that, I never found a single side effect report online, which is a testament to its safety.

To ensure a safe supplementation, you are encouraged to consult your doctor first before you take this brand.


According to its official website, you can take one to two capsules daily for maximum efficiency. No other instructions are published online.

Lipo Therm 100 Review Summary

This supplement offers a decent formula as it only have one key agent – capsicum.

While this may be a turn off to most dieters who often use supplements with multi-ingredient formulas, remember that capsicum is one of the most popular slimming agents today and moderately proven for weight loss.

Capsicum may help increase lipolysis, promotes appetite control and may help boost your energy and metabolic levels.

Plus, Lipo Therm 100 may also provide some important health benefits for you such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and many others.

Lipo Therm 100 is also dosed at a very safe potency – only 100mg per serving. This may mean impotency to some users but remember that the issue here is to prevent possible side effects that comes with chili pepper’s spicy hot flavor.

But one thing that may be a turn off for this brand is its price tag – $39.95 per bottle. Don’t worry, if Lipo Therm 100 doesn’t work as expected, you can always ask for a refund on your unopened bottles.

Where to Buy Lipo Therm 100?

Lipo Therm 100 is only available online directly through its official website.

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